The Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation was established in November 1973 with the aims of publishing an events programme each year and maintaining a register of competitors. The architect of the SVVF was Tom Sked of Aberdeen and appropriately he was elected its first Chairman. A Calendar of Events, duly published for 1974, contained 17 Events and a similar number of clubs. A Register of those who entered rallies amounted to about 300 people. Today we have over 110 events, around 100 member bodies and around 6700 enthusiasts on the Register. The objectives of the Federation remain the same - we try to get rally organisers to liaise through us to avoid unnecessary clashes when two nearby events are proposed for the same day. At our Dates Meeting in November we try through discussion and compromise to agree dates which as far as reasonably possible are acceptable to everybody and can therefore be included within our Events Programme. Membership of the Federation is open to any organisation, be it a Club, Local Council or other business which organises a vintage vehicle event in Scotland or has an interest in vehicles over 20 years old providing that they are prepared to be guided by the S.V.V.F. when appropriate. Membership is not open to individuals.

SVVF Champion of Champions
Exhibits that won a concours trophy at a SVVF member organisation in the previous year are invited to the Champion of Champions. Each year the Championship is hosted by a different rally. The Federation awards trophies in 22 classes and an overall Supreme Champion of Champions.

The SVVF Yearbook lists over a hundred vintage and classic vehicle events taking place in the season. To see an event or buy a yearbook click on the links above.